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About Efflorescence

The literary meaning of efflorescence is the production of a lot of art, especially of high quality. Efflorescence Events depicts exactly that for its clients.

F & V are a dynamic duo with a combined 12 years' experience in floral design and event planning. These lovely women ensure that every detail of your vision comes to life.  

Efflorescence Events' founders Vanessa Barberio and Francine Carnevale
Francine Carnevale

Francine Carnevale


Florist and WPIC certified Wedding Planner, Francine’s attention to detail and creative vision allow her to turn your dream wedding or event into a reality. Her background in interior design makes it easy to transform ordinary spaces into whimsical realities. 

“It brings me pure joy when I see my client’s expression on his or her face when they see the venue set up or when the bride sees her bouquet for the first time. It is an indescribable feeling when your work becomes your passion. I don’t feel like this is work but rather I am creating something that makes my clients happy”

Vanessa Barberio


A background in floral design and digital marketing, Vanessa’s perfectionism and expertise bring a second dimension to Efflorescence Events, helping the business flourish on social platforms while putting her creative side to work.

“When I was younger, I was told that art and business didn’t go hand and hand. However, I always wanted the best of both worlds, and Efflorescence is the start of exactly that. It is creating what our clients envision and what they want their guests to feel when walking into the venue. We create the atmosphere you desire for your guests.”

Vanessa Barberio
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